Hey, I’m Edmond. Welcome to my revamped website.

I’ve loved reading ever since I can remember. I grew up reading all the children’s classics and would lose myself in a good novel for hours and hours over the long summer holidays. Whilst I have read thousands of books, there is a part of me that regrets that I’ll never be able read all the books ever written.It's me, Edmond the book-lover!

As morbid as it sounds, there is only a finite number of books one can read in their lifetime. My belief is that life is too short for reading average books! That’s why I am on a quest to shortlist the very best of books. By working hard reading and reviewing books, I believe I can help children and adults in choosing which books to read in their lifetime.

I am a strong believer that great fiction not only transports us to another world, providing escapism from whatever worries us in in our day-to-day life, but they can be a force to change our perspective and even our life prospects. For thousands of years, humans have learned lessons from stories. The Bible, Aesop’s fables and even modern stories, like the Harry Potter books, are just some examples of books that help shape our outlook on life and our moral standing.


It’s great to see books like the Clever Tykes series that are examples of some of the best modern kids’ books that have morals and characters children can look up to. I think children should read a mixture of modern and classic literature to give them a well-rounded experience and understanding of the past and present.


Books and education

We should never underestimate the power of reading and its broad impact on learning. Reading develops the ability to focus and helps nurture a long attention span. It helps introduce people to new words and phrases, developing spelling and grammar skills. Books make us worldly. We can feel as though we have travelled the globe, back in time, and into the future. All of these things help develop our character and help us learn more about ourselves, human behaviour, and the world around us.


Books just for fun

Of course, I am a huge fan in reading just for the hell of it! Whether a gripping crime thriller or horror is your thing, or whether it’s something funny or downright silly that you love; I’d love to hear your recommendations! Head on over to my contact page if you’d like to recommend a specific book, series or author that you think I may not have heard of.

Personally, I still regard Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels featuring Sherlock Holmes, for the sheer intrigue, as some of the best books for fun (or the avid amateur detective)!


Business and publishing resources

Some of the best books in my bookshelf

I’m also keen to develop resources that may help authors get their books published or support their self-publishing efforts. I have read dozens of fantastic books that never really see the light of day. Either a writer never landed that publishing deal or perhaps they self-published but they weren’t quite a good enough sales person or marketer to make it a success.

I know there are hundreds of best-selling authors in waiting and their work has the potential to bring joy to millions of people. I’d like to help by signposting resources either I or colleagues I know have found useful for promoting their work. There are so many opportunities for writers these days outside finding a publisher or publishing agent, the key is to find which route works best for you in your unique situation. That’s where I think I can help you.


I’ll be expanding on each of these areas in due course and, of course, I’ll continue to make recommendations on the best of the books I read and come across. In the meantime, say ‘hi’, and stay tuned!